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│ About RARUS │

RARUS is a custom-made electric vehicle, a product of thorough craftsmanship.With integrated technology from researchers who studied and created real eco-friendly vehicles, ourproduct can be used to express your love and desire as a parent to give a cooler, safer car to your child.
The trusted technology of RARUS ensures a sense of "premium".

│ RARUS Concept │

RARUS is a brand that originated from the philosophy that everyone in a family, parents and kids alike, must enjoy it.
It offers an exciting, recreational solution that is safe for children and enjoyable for adults.
Its durability and solidity, allowing parents and children to ride together, prove why RARUS is a family car that provides fun and happiness to everyone.

│ Description │

RARUS’s family electric car offers an exciting, recreational solution that is safe for children and enjoyable for adults.

│ Function │

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    Selection mode enables high-quality driving (low- and high-speed)
    Improved functionality and durability with stable design of pattern types
    Separated pedals providing safety for children and assurance for adults

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    Natural leather seats with comfortable seating and control features
    Possible to adjust seats based on the child’s body size and
    Greater convenience for adults thanks to expanded seating space

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    Delicate, stable dual steering system
    Suppresses eccentric force generated during steering
    Reinforced durability with a dual device

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    Ergonomic dashboard with comfortable visibility
    Neatly arranged LED push-lock stainless Optimum
    location of storage space that is accessible by the reach of anyone

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    Appearing more luxurious and refined with high-resolution LED
    Improved quality with elegant, gentle light by
    employing light diffusion materials utilized in real cars.

│ Feature │

Adults and children can ride the same time, and when you connect the trailer, there are more people to ride.

│ Specification │

  • Age Range : From children to adults
  • Driving Speed :
    • Low(3~8km/h) High(12km/h)
    • Special Customizing order
  • Estimated time of battery usage : 3~5 hrs.
    (Depending on speed, environment and weight)
  • Speed Control : Electronic pedal(Auto-braking)
  • Charging Time : 4 hrs(Max.)
  • Trailer : Possible to make a train by connecting multiple cars

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